The U.S. Army is the Nation's most versatile force, meeting the ever-changing challenges of today. Designed to capture the spirit of this Nation's strength and invincibility, each aspect of this exclusive line of U.S. Army branded Drones was carefully thought-out.

In keeping with the U.S. Army style, our packaging was designed to reflect the look of the U.S. Army Brand. However, using the brand elements and the story as a mere starting point, we completely rebranded the look of the U.S. Army Brand and elevated it to one that would embody the spirit of the U.S. Army and the American people. 

With stand-out packaging that proudly features the U.S. Army Drone in all it's glory, the U.S. Army box exudes ruggedness yet refinement. Engaging details strategically placed on the packaging such as the imagery, graphics, structure and materials, will definitely grab your attention and pull in customers. The unique structure of the box ensures a sophisticated look, and the sturdy corrugated cardboard structure provides security for the Drone contained within. Small details, such as Spot-UV, the rope handle and a harmonious blend of color lend a premium look to the U.S. Army Drone. Simply seeing the the majesty of this U.S. Army Drone is enough to instill pride.

Company: Goldstar Innovations
Creative Director | Designer: Louis Annunziata  
Industrial Design: Jeremy Connell, Andranik Lalayan  
Photo Retoucher: Caterina Piazza  
Copywriter: Miriam Halpern  
Project Type: In-house 
Location: New York
Packaging Contents: Drone
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