Call it “Artsy” or "Playful" but there is no doubt that the Polaroid brand exemplifies a high level of creativity and imagination through its products and packaging. The bold and catchy packaging always stands out and draws the consumer’s eye from far away because of a winning combination of fun and functionality. So, when it comes to grabbing your attention, we make sure that the packaging compliments the products’ unique sense of style and brand. With playful shapes, intuitive construction, the "Iconic Spertrum" and bright colors that catch the eye, we created a fun, playful and strong language that appeals to the senses and successfully sells these products.

Company: Southern Telecom
Creative Director | Style-Guide | Brand Language: Louis Annunziata
Production Manager: Douglas Fuentes
Packaging Designer: Monica Kim, Dima Hihera, Flora Zhu, Qi Zhu
3D Designer: Heesang Ahn
Photography: Dima Hihera
Photo Retouchers: Caterina Piazza, Monica Kim, Dima Hihera
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Brooklyn, New York 
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