Preparing food doesn’t have to be a chore, and kitchen utensils don’t have to be a bore. The Cookworks line of kitchen tools by Art+Cook reinvents the art of cooking by implementing a winning combination of fun and functionality. 

So when it comes to grabbing your attention, we make sure that the packaging compliments the products’ unique sense of style. With engaging shapes, intuitive construction, and bright colors that catch the eye, we created a simple design language that appeals to the senses – including the sense of playfulness. Whether it’s a strainer, a bottle opener, or a pizza cutter, Art+Cook counteracts the lack of fun and color in the kitchen by showcasing our products with bold branding and a bubbly personality.

Designed by ART+COOK
Creative Direction | Style-Guide | Packaging Designer: Louis Annunziata  
Industrial Designer: Soomi Lee
Structure Packaging Designer: Douglas Fuentes
Location: New York, USA
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
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